Buckets o’minutes: why share?

We have these competitors that sell you "all you can eat" extensions for $25/month. What if you have 100 extensions? That is crazy-town expensive, and most of it goes to the provider's "usage insurance" fund. Why not keep all that money, and pay us for the right number of minutes? We offer different sized buckets to suit YOUR needs, not ours.

5,000 US48 minutes is $60/month - $0.012/min
10,000 US48 minutes is $110/month - $0.011/min
50,000 US48 minutes is $500/month - $0.01/min

We have one of the best inbound toll-free per minute rates in the industry: $15 for 500min - that's only $0.03/min.


QoS-aaS: What is it?

I know - so many acronyms. This one is easy though.

Ever had a choppy call when you, or someone you were talking to was using a VoIP Phone? It used to be a pretty serious problem. Someone on your network was uploading a video and the person you were talking to couldn't hear you. QoS is the fix - Quality of Service. It is actually a network protocol for traffic limiting and shaping to ensure the services you use get the appropriate access to your internet connection.

Today most enterprise routers and switches support it but it does need to be configured to work properly. We won't leave you high and dry, telling you "Contact your IT/network vendor. The problem isn't at our end." Our QoS-aaS product, included with Advanced Metered and Unmetered subscriptions, lets us work with your IT vendor to provide them with the support they need to implement this protocol on your network. Don't have an IT vendor? We'll do it for you. Don't have an enterprise router with QoS support? We'll give you one*.


*the lawyers say we're supposed to say "lend you one". Its our router, but you can use it. We'll manage and support it for you - included with your service.